June 12, 2020

House Painting Tips For Beginners – Garage Exterior Color Ideas

By Mathew

House painting tips for beginners need to begin with some basic steps that anyone can follow. If you don’t know how to do these steps, you might be wasting a lot of time and money with your project, or possibly even coming out with a poor-looking home.

Where to Start

A good starting point for house painting tips for beginners is the basics of color combinations. You should decide on colors for your garage, basement, walkways, deck, and exterior. The garage and outside are the areas that require more customization because you will paint things like the porch, front door, and patio furniture.

Paint your garage two different shades of black. Make sure you work in plenty of primer and brushes that will be used for painting the exterior. Then go ahead and paint your garage a darker shade. There is a great home improvement book on garage interior painting.

Paint your garage with a lighter shade. Before you get too far along in the process, you will need to make sure the garage is well oiled, because you may paint over oiled areas.

Painting Tips Garage Exterior

When you decide which shade of garage exterior color ideas you want to use, start by applying primer to your garage. Let it dry for at least one hour before you begin any painting.

If you are painting your garage and walkways first, you can use the same primer to apply to them. This way you don’t have to purchase an entire kit and wait for it to dry before you begin the next step.

When Completed

Once you have completed the garage and walkways and are ready to begin painting the garage itself, you will need to first prepare the garage exterior color ideas. This includes painting all surfaces that are exposed to the elements, such as the ground, the walls, and the windows. After you have painted everything, you will then cover the paint with a sheet of tar paper or plastic to protect it from the elements.

After the garage is painted, you will want to remove the tar paper or plastic and paint the area. If you are painting on the cement, you will need to spread some epoxy to the cement and allow it to set before you begin painting. You can paint anything that you can see, except for the shower pan because it can discolor the paint.

After the area has dried and you are happy with the paint job, you can paint the trim around the walls and windows. Make sure that you apply a finish to the trim before you start painting anything because the colors will bleed and you will end up with a color smear.

Painting Door Frames

Next, you will need to paint the door frames, which may not be required if you already painted the trim. Keep in mind that your painting the garage exterior color ideas means that the door frame needs to be painted as well. You can paint it to match the garage door.

If you’re painting the doors and trim, you can use the same paints for your trim that you used for the doors. Otherwise, choose your paint colors based on what is already available in your home.

Following these painting tips for beginners will help you save money and time. You will also be able to avoid mistakes and still enjoy the beautiful outcome of your newly painted garage exterior.